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If You Have Drive, Passion, and Commitment, we have Expertise and Guidance.

The Bar Performance Training is a different kind of gym. We take fitness seriously and offer bootcamps and training sessions for people committed to achieving their goals. When you join us at The Bar, you’ll find a like-minded community of athletes and fitness enthusiasts.
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We Make a firm commitment to,
helping you enhance your physique.

At The Bar Performance Training, we’re genuinely passionate about staying healthy. Whether you’re new to getting fit or you want to take your fitness to the next level, we’re ready to help you.

From weight loss to building muscle mass, our fitness plans will transform the way you work out. When you use the services at our Tampa Bay, FL gym, you begin a journey toward a healthier future.

V Cora
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"I’ve been with this gym for almost a year. I took one class and joined right away. It’s small groups where you can get individual attention making sure you are doing the exercises correctly. Each coach has their own specialty so you will get a well rounded workout. Members of the gym are all supportive and motivate each other. You’ll see changes for sure!"
Katrina Mosely
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"Training here ignites your inner Olympian. The quality of coaching is superior to any other gym I’ve trained in and my body shows the results!"
Elisa Ortiz
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"The trainers are very welcoming and knowledgeable. The workouts are tough but not impossible and the trainers always have modifications in mind if needed. Everyone helps each other out and wants the other to succeed. It’s the best workout environment I ever experienced."
Luke Sather
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"Great environment and great trainers. Whatever level you want to train at, whether for sports, or just to stay in shape.. this is the place to do it at!"

TRAINING Group Classes

When you’re ready to get serious about fitness, the trainers at our fitness center in Tampa are here to take you seriously. Our exercise classes aren’t about standing on a machine and waiting for transformation to happen. Dedicated trainers push you to actively engage with your mind and body to achieve your fitness goals.
Whether you’re trying to lose weight, increase muscle, or improve stamina, we’ll help you develop a workout plan centered on building strength through weight training and floor work.
But we believe in more than just grinding through workouts every week. When you train at The Bar, you’re part of our Bar Fit Fam, a group of like-minded people working with motivating trainers who are as devoted to your fitness goals as you are.

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Most frequently asked questions, answered.

13952 Lynmar Blvd Tampa FL, 33626
Bootcamp – 6a, 8a, 12p, 5p, 6:45p
Boxing 6p – bring gloves 
HIIT 7:30p – challenge 
Bootcamp – 6a, 8a, 12p, 5:30p, 6:30p
Bootcamp – 6a, 8a, 12p, 5:30p, 6:30p
Boxing 6p – bring gloves 
HIIT 7:30p – challnege 
Cryotherapy 7:30p
Bootcamp – 6a, 8a, 12p, 5:30p, 6:30p
Bootcamp – 6a, 8a, 12p, 5:30p, 6:30p
Boxing – bring gloves 
HIIT 7:30p – challenge 
Bootcamp 9a
Yoga – on hold
Bootcamp 9a – Strength Sundays class focused on weight lifting

Our program is comparable to personal training. We deliver the same results — but with the bonus of having what we call our “Bar Fitness Family” there to welcome you, support you unconditionally, motivate you, and be there for you when you struggle. 

We typically see over 90 percent of its members use their membership. Our coaches, our culture, the experience, and the results we deliver are the reason why all of our members love coming to our location.

So, it depends on the program you choose.

First of all, we’re not really a “gym.” A gym is something you join in the hope that you’ll be self-motivated enough to attend on a regular basis. However, the reality is 80 percent of gym members nationally do not use their membership!

In contrast, we’re a fitness provider that offers highly personalized group fitness sessions.  Our members simply love coming here—and they can see and feel the difference it’s making in their physical appearance and state of mind.

We consider our space a “fitness studio.” We’re a smaller, more intimate setting that welcomes you and feels more like a second home than a giant money-making operation focused on high-pressure volume sales and holding people hostage in unbreakable contracts they regret signing. Rather than treating you like a number, we’ll treat you like family.

Yes! This program is right for you too.

The main reason why is because each exercise can be modified for your individual needs. So while a beginner may use just body weight or light weights for a particular exercise, you can use heavier weights or increase your reps in a round.

As well, our program targets both strength and cardio, so you’ll get a great, holistic workout. The exercises target your body all over—so they’ll hit muscles that traditional workouts tend to neglect.

Our boot camp will deliver a workout unlike anything else you’ve probably ever tried before. So while it’s great for beginners, it’s great for long-time fitness fanatics too.

Try it and find out for yourself!

Yes! This program is 100 percent for you!

The workouts are just 45 minutes long. So while they challenge you, make you fitter and stronger, boost your metabolism, and burn fat, they don’t beat you into never wanting to come back.

Our certified coaches are also friendly and eager to support and encourage you. Our coaches will shower you with words of support and encouragement.

As well, they will modify each exercise for you to account for your fitness level, age, flexibility, or injuries. Their first priority is to keep you safe, followed by giving you an effective workout that delivers real results and making you feel great about yourself.

You’ll find that our members will also be a source of support and encouragement.

Our culture is a strong, close-knit community that genuinely cares for one another and roots for everyone’s success.

To get started, all you have to do is click here, choose the offer that is right for you, and then register online. That’s it!

Once you register, you’ll receive a confirmation with all of the details you’ll need to get started. 

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.



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